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Managing the intricacies of your unionized employees.

Our Goal is to help employers build effective, collaborative relationships with their unionized employees and save time and stress.


Resolve Labour Relations Solutions provides a full array of labour relations consulting services to employers. We help you to manage your union relationship so you can achieve superior collective bargaining results which will create positive, collaborative work environments. We want to be your Strategic Partner, managing delicate situations with tactful solutions.

From show business to manufacturing to auto dealerships to credit unions, Bill Nalepka has been effectively negotiating labour contracts for over twenty years. Bill helps employers achieve their bargaining objectives by drawing on his experience gained on both sides of the negotiating table including a term as the president of one of Canada’s most influential entertainment unions. His ability to see practical solutions to complex problems saves time and money during collective bargaining by quickly getting to the items which matter. Having been chief spokesman with difficult negotiations as well as first agreements basic contract renewals, he is able to bring experience from one industry to another. Bill is known by clients as an expert with high integrity who produces great results and constantly works to achieve their goals to improve their business.



We've created a seamless process to work through your collective bargaining with ease.


  • Our process begins with a careful evaluation of your collective agreement to identify strengths and weaknesses, compare it to other unionized employers and give you solid ideas to begin negotiations. Before you sit down to negotiate, provide us your contract, and we’ll carefully study it for you and present a thorough, written analysis. We clearly identify areas you may want to pursue and other areas you should be cautious of. Customers are often surprised what a new set of eyes will find! We provide you with a written multi-page report + 2 hour presentation to you and your senior team.

  • Incorporating the findings of the Fresh Look Analysis™, we work with you and your senior team before negotiations and translate your business goals into a strategic, clear proposal document.

  • After many years of experience, we have created a tool called The Progress Quantifier ™, a system to track and manage proposals from both parties to give you an accurate, clear picture on the status of negotiations. This becomes the guide to effectively identify and clarify the main issues.

  • This document covers all agreed items and is signed by both parties. This gives all parties clear visibility to the terms that were agreed upon, and acts as a proactive measure to address any unresolved issues.

  • A comprehensive overview incorporates the changes agreed to by both parties, during the bargaining process. This process clearly lays out all the changes in the collective agreement for review, as a draft before the signing document is prepared.

  • After all parties have had a chance to review the Clarity Measure™ and make any corrections, a final “intelligent” document is prepared for signatures of the appropriate parties with automated, accurate cross references and automated article and clause numbering.



The Contract Blueprint™

Designed to help you visualize your route to start planning. This interactive tool shows you an outline of article headings for your first collective agreement along with explanations.

First Contract System™

If you’ve never gone through a union contract negotiation before this system can help complete the work you start here. Leveraging our expertise for support and to advise you through the end to end process.



Solidfy Healthy Relations with your Unionized Employees


Collective Bargaining

Whether you simply need a second opinion or full service bargaining assistance, Resolve has the right package to suit you. Our Fresh Look Analysis™ starts BEFORE you sit down to negotiate a new collective agreement.

First Contract Negotiations

Having negotiated a number of first agreements, we know that this negotiation is potentially MORE important than any other. It is from this first agreement that all others will be patterned. We quickly identify and give priority to the items which matter to ease the process. We have successfully negotiated a number of first agreements. Don’t leave this to chance! Let Resolve help you negotiate the most effective first agreement for you!


Resolve will candidly discuss the facts of the grievance and attempt to collaborate towards an acceptable settlement to protect your interests.


Using our experience of successful arbitrations, Resolve helps you by thoroughly preparing witnesses, researching case law, and arranging with the union for an arbitrator.

Union Organizing Drives

With experience in a number of organizing campaigns, we can help you communicate your message to your employees, clearly, effectively and legally.

On-going Support

Resolve is your “in house” Labour Relations Professional ready to assist you in managing your unionized employees.


Gain insight with industry comparisons and a full analysis of your collective agreement.




Using existing language, your collective agreement will be automated for ease of reference and updating. With a cleaner, modern format and font we will systemize numbering style, cross reference notations and Table of Contents so your data automatically syncs and errors are eliminated. The reformatted Collective Agreement via Word and PDF, sent to you electronically


  • “Bill had assisted our company with union negotiations and was great with resolving various issues with good balance for both parties which helps to sustain a harmonious workplace.”


    Erwin Leonov, VP Operations, BluWood Canada
  • "Bill Nalepka is the trusted adviser to Momentum Credit Union, its predecessor Credit Unions and to me personally. Bill has worked with us to develop Labor Relations strategies and is effective in reviewing and guiding us through the Union negotiations, Labor Relations planning and the grievance management process."

    Malcolm Stoffman, President and Chief Executive Officer at Momentum Credit Union,
  • Bill has provided expert advice to our company relating to HR issues, dealling with grievances and most importanty, negotiating Collective Agreements. I highly recommend the services of Resolve Labour Relations Solutions. When dealing will professional union reps, Bill is a professional negotiator who gets results.

    Lori Gaudette, CEO, Oshawa Community Credit Union,
  • “Bill's former experience as a union representative helps to facilitate the negotiation process. His common sense approach allows both parties to come to a rapid and fair resolution to  issues.”

    Michael Strelbisky, President, A. H. Tallman Bronze Company
  • “Bill has a calm, thorough and professional approach. Bill has been a valuable addition to our team.”

    Carla Belanger, Director of HR, Community First Credit Union
  • “Bill is an excellent communicator, listens well and understands the problem. He finds solutions that work. I would recommend Bill for labor relations consulting.”

    Linda Flemington, CEO, Twin Oak Credit Union





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